Introducing Beekeeper: Stephan

Let’s get to know Stephan!


Stephan Krausser

Place of Origin

Backnang near Stuttgart

Place of Residence

Sigsipamba somewhere near Mount Chimborazo in Ecuador

Languages spoken and how you learned them

English, French and Spanish at school, later Arabic and Quichua for my voluntary work. I focus on grammar, but I learn languages easier by speaking them as much as possible.

When did you start tutoring with Chatterbug?

I started tutoring German (and later Spanish) in November 2017 - How time flies!

Favorite place in the world and why?

It’s a waterfall deep in the Amazonia near Tena / Ecuador called “Laguna Azul” (“Blue Lagoon”). The cold water in the lagoons, surrounded by rainforest and beautiful monkeys, butterflys and other animals is just gorgeous!

Stephan’s Favorite Food

As a native Swabian, I love Maultaschen. And my favourite ecuatorian dish is “Bolón de Verde” made of plaintain and cheese!

3 Fun Facts about Stephan

  1. After telling my students that they will never find my village on GoogleMaps, many searched it.
  2. Now Sigsipamba is really there on GoogleMaps, but not correctly :wink:
  3. I lost my German accent almost completely. Right now, many Ecuatorians think that I’m a native from the mountain region of Chimborazo (doesn’t really fit to my “Gringo appearance” :wink: )

How do you motivate students?

I try to be focused and explain grammar well, but never lack joy. And I love to ask many questions!

What is your favorite Chatterbug moment?

It’s the first time when a student laughs about a German joke. That’s when you really got the language!

A Little Note to our Students from Stephan

Never be nervous before your Live Lesson! Just relax and enjoy it!

Give @SKrausser a warm welcome!


Hi @SKrausser! Fascinating how after some time one can lose an accent :open_mouth:. The good part is that now they see you as one of them hehehe. As a Colombian in the Swabian part of Germany I must say Maultaschen rules :smile:.


I also really like fried Maultaschen :yum:

It’s funny, I’ve just learned yesterday the history behind their Swabian name “Herrgottsbescheißerle” (little God-cheaters)
In the Catholic religion, at Lent time, people are traditionally eating light and avoid eating meat. Some monks in Maulbronn cloister decided to put some pieces of meat into little pasta bags so “it could not be seen by God” and they could still eat meat ^^

Do you find Maultaschen where you Live @SKrausser or can you make them from scratch?


I learned how to make them from scratch. But that takes a lot of time :see_no_evil:
My friends here start to love handmade Maultaschen :yum: