Introducing Beekeeper: Wilmer

Let’s get to know Wilmer!

Place of Origin

San José, Costa Rica

Place of Residence

Still living in San José, Costa Rica.

Languages spoken and how you learned them

I can speak four languages: Spanish, English, German and Portuguese.

The earliest memory I have of me wanting to learn a language was when a nice Canadian lady who was new in town was talking to my English teacher and I didn’t understand a word they were saying. I remember thinking: “One day I will be able to understand that” And after that I took every opportunity I had to practice the language, from music and TV shows to real conversations with native speakers who visited Costa Rica in the summer.

After English, I’ve also had the opportunity to study German and Portuguese. I’ve taken formal classes but also done language exchanges to improve my skills.

When did you start tutoring with Chatterbug?

I had my first Live Lesson in 2018.

Favorite place in the world and why?

So far my favorite place is the Punta Leona Refuge, located about an hour and a half hour away from my house. I love its pristine white sand beach and the fact that you can see lots of beautiful animals like toucans, macaws and white-faced monkeys.

Wilmer’s Favorite Food

As much as I love Costa Rican food, I have to admit that my favorite food is pizza. I really like going to different restaurants and small local spots to try their pizza.

3 Fun Facts about Wilmer

  1. I love eating vanilla ice cream with homegrown dragon fruit.
  2. I found music videos to be great for learning English. When I was younger, my phone was full of music videos with subtitles in English and Spanish.
  3. I can clap with one hand :joy:

How do you motivate students?

I try to encourage them to speak, even if they make mistakes. I tell them that, in my experience, those who are not afraid of mistakes are the ones who have the best results.

What is your favorite Chatterbug moment?

Congratulating my students when they make it to a new level in Chattebug and then seeing their reaction.

Say hello to @wilmer_arias!


Hi Wilmer! It is great to meet you and welcome to the team!
How do you possibly manage clapping with one hand? :joy:

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Music is definitely a good way to learn :grinning: :musical_note:!! Did you sing too or just listen?

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Hi Cheree! Thank you. Well, clapping with one hand is actually not that hard haha

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I mostly listened. I would sing it in my head if it was very catchy :laughing:

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Welcome @wilmer_arias!

You really must give us a demo of this one-handed clapping! I am so curious to see it!

The only way I can simulate clapping with one hand is to slap myself in the face :rofl: that makes the best “clapping” sound!


Hola, Wilmer :happyllama:

Nos alegra tenerte en nuestro equipo :catbee:. I really liked the story of you wanting to learn because of the conversation you heard. Something similar happened to me, and since then I haven’t stop learning languages :blush:.

By the way, I agree with @ChereeKr how is it possible? :clap: I just can’t picture it :sweat_smile:.

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@wilmer_arias will be a great Beekeeper, as he is an experienced and great tutor.
Welcome, Wilmer!


You forgot to mention ‘French’ in your language skills @wilmer_arias!! I remember we had a few LL maybe 2 years ago and you already had a great level! :hugs:
I am very happy that you are joining the beekeeper community! :catbee:


Happy to have another long time tutor join the Beekeepers @wilmer_arias!

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Hola @wilmer_arias, muchas FELICIDADES por tu nueva posición como Beekeeper, ¡genial! ¡Te deseo todo lo mejor! :four_leaf_clover:

¡Saludos soleados desde Playa del Carmen, México! :smiley:

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¡Muchísimas gracias! :slight_smile:

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