Introducing Beekeepers: Chatterbug's New Ambassador Program

We are excited to announce our brand new Ambassador Program - Beekeepers! :catbee:

What is the Ambassador Program?

The Chatterbug Ambassador Program officially recognizes our most engaged community members as community moderators and advocates called “Beekeepers”. Beekeepers will be here in the Chatterbug Community Forum to answer all of your questions and spark conversations about Chatterbug, the Chatterbug community, and language learning in general!

Who are the Beekeepers?

The first cohort of Beekeepers will feature a few of our longstanding tutors who are active in the Chatterbug Community Forum. In the future, we will welcome students into the program as well. Over the next week, we will introduce our new Beekeepers one by one so you can get to know them a little better.

What is the goal of the Ambassador Program?

  1. To recognize, reward, and elevate our top Community Forum contributors
  2. To leverage language learning knowledge and passion in order to grow and better the Chatterbug community
  3. To provide a positive example of successful community contribution and leadership
  4. To add more quality content to our Community Forum for Chatterbug students, tutors, and language learners everywhere
  5. To decrease response time for student and tutor questions and concerns

Interested in becoming a Beekeeper?

Get in touch! Send your community team a message at letting us know why you’d like to be a Beekeeper and why you think you’d be a good addition to the crew. We’d love to hear from you!