Invitation: Indigenous Languages Forum

Hi Everybody :happyllama:

During this month, I’ve been organizing and presenting, with some of my university colleagues :man_technologist: :woman_technologist:, a Forum which seeks to raise awareness of some Indigenous Languages. We have invited indigenous people from countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Perú and others. We also have some European speakers who present their projects in relation with indigenous communities in order to preserve the language and the culture involved.

If this Forum sounds interesting to you, all you need to do is to register here, and you will receive the links and passwords. The Forum takes place this Thursday and the 29th of July. You can also check the speakers, topics and times here.

You are all invited to join!
¡Todos/as están invitados/as a participar! :blush:


that sounds very interesting!!
i have a friend here in Mexico whose family is indigenous and they speak the language still. Let me know if you need more people/input and i can ask them if they would like to participate :wink:
The name of their people is Kumiais and they are from an area which is called Tecate.


Thank you so much, @Lari1108 :blush:

Actually, we don’t have more positions open for speakers :frowning: , but I’ll keep it in mind for next time :hugs:.

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Super @27sp.sandra!! I’ll try to join next Thursday! :hugs:

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Merci! @Amandine :hugs: And thank you as well for giving me the idea earlier to make it public.

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I speak an indigenous language (Quichua), but I’m sad that indigenous people don’t speak it anymore. You can hardly find speakers under 40 years.


That is one of the reasons why we created the Forum :blush:. It is true they are endangered languages and the population don’t want to speak it anymore because of the predominant language and a lot of other reasons. But there are many projects going on, let’s hope for the best.