Is it "on time" or "in time"?

Thanks for mentioning that you’ll be doing a stream about “in time” and “on time”! :+1::pray:
I couldn’t answer during your stream because I had to turn off my phone because my little grandnephew played at a concert. :blush:


You are very welcome! So glad when a stream topic is already in the works when someone asks for it! Streaming “in time” vs “on time” next Tuesday, the 21st, 4:30pm Berlin, Germany time. Looking forward to “seeing” you there. But of course, if you can’t make the live stream, you know it will be waiting for you in the stream library to watch whenever it fits into your schedule. Have a beautiful weekend! All the best, Alex :grinning:


Thank you! I’ll try to watch it live! :+1::blush:

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The explanation: IN time vs ON time

When you are IN TIME, you are early enough to have spare time, usually to be able to do something else.
:point_right: before something happens :point_right: before the scheduled time, before the deadline :point_right: with time to spare

“I got to the station in time to have a coffee before my train departed.”
:point_right: X minutes before the scheduled departure time.

When something happens ON TIME, it happens at the planned time.
:point_right: punctual :point_right: on schedule :point_right: at the arranged time :point_right: neither late nor early

“My train departed on time.”
:point_right: The train departed on schedule, at the scheduled time (you don’t have time to spare).

Watch the stream for more examples from Alex!


I never thought about how confusing that could be. Also, if you are “just in time” you are there practically “on time,” but I don’t want to confuse people :stuck_out_tongue: There is also another meaning of “in time” separate from these examples.

“In time your English will be perfect”

It is meant to be vague and not a defined time period. If you don’t want to tell someone something at a point in time, you could say “you will know in time.”

I’m not sure if that is colloquial, because I am usually on the other side here :slight_smile: