Is it possible to move a completed unit from the "Green Checkmark" to "Lightning Bolt?"

I’m a bit of a completionist. So I’m wondering if it is possible to improve a completed unit from Green Checkmark to Lightning Bolt?

*Also, do the Lightning Bolt ratings (5/5) from the FAQ still apply in the new design? I had a few before the UI switch, but now they seem to be missing.

Basically, for my personality, I would would like to know in the current learning model and UI, what is the “top of class” rating for each unit and how they are achieved.

Thanks in advance

Hey @kthxbye. We have gotten rid of the lightning bolts in the new UI, so the green checkmark is indeed the highest rating.

Looks like we’ll need to change that FAQ doc. Thanks for pointing it out!

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Thanks for the info. Green Checkmarks it is then. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is the new FAQ for the new UI Live Lesson rating! :smiley:

One last question, Megan.

I will soon be graduating out of A1 German. Hooray! My question is: Will Chatterbug then automatically promote my Live Lessons into A2 content or do I have some control over this?

In general, I have let Chatterbug pick content for me, but I have noticed there is a lot of A1 content (and even an entire unit) that I have never seen. I want to know if it is possible to “stay” in A1 and work though the missing content in my Live Lessons until I am ready to move to A2.


So the system will automatically move you up to A2 once you reach the end of A1 even if you have some past unfinished units. What you can do is, once you move up to A2, you can place yourself back down to A1, which will automatically place you at the first exercise that you have not completed and will take you through all of the incomplete exercises/ units from there.

This FAQ explains how you can place yourself down a level. (But, here is a shortcut to the languages page)

Also, fyi - we are working on making Live Lesson customizations better so if you have ideas and suggestions, add them under the feature requests sub-category!

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Sehr hilfreich. Vielen Dank!

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