Is it racism or am I exaggerating?


So, i live in Mexico with my mexican husband and we just welcomed our second baby into the world, a perfect little girl named Greta Maria.
Why am I upset you might think? Well, my first baby, my son who is 2 years old looks like a german. Super white, blond hair, green eyes. hes my clone basically.
Everybody here thinks he is the most handsome human being on the planet.

My daughter was born with a slightly darker tan that i didnt even notice. Dark hair, dark eyes. Shes perfect and beautiful.
Now. Every persons first comment they make when they meet her is @ay, te salio morenita@

I do not care a bit about the skin color of any of my children and I never gave it a second thought.

I know, people are curious about what the mixture between my husband and I might look like and they probably do not mean any harm but i am soooo annoyed.

What do you think??? Am i exaggerating? Are my hormones getting the best of me?

thanks for any shared experiences

have a great week,



Let’s say that’s kind of Latin American love and personal interest :wink:
Don’t take it too personal and laugh about it!


Hi @Lari1108 :hugs:

Wow, this is a very interesting cultural topic. As @SKrausser mentioned, it’s part of us as latin americans, but it has its roots from colonialism. Although it has been years since we achieved independence, some things remain and one of them has to do with this way of seeing our own roots and race not as good as the Europeans or the white people in general. There are many theories in the field of sociology that study this phenomenon, and they explain it as a way of thinking of the white as the ones with the knowledge, the power, the beauty and the money. When colonists came, indigenous were always undervalue, their knowledge, the color of the skin, etc. Sadly, these thoughts remains until today, and we are struggling to change them. I understand for you both of your kids are completely beautiful, and believe me they mean no harm, but they also do not know it differently.

Try to be patient :blush: and maybe express your discomfort as well. It is time to change that type of thinking, sometimes I even do it with my own family when they do comments like that, and I do it because they need to understand that now we can appreciate us as we are :raised_hands:.

Una bonita semana para ti también :sun_with_face: :happyllama:.