Jenny from Germany (and living in Scotland)

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: I am returning to my work for Chatterbug from March 2024 after having taken some time off for maternity. Even though I will be working reduced hours, I cannot wait to get back to this lovely online community of teachers and learners ! Watch this space for any last-minute schedule additions :slight_smile: !

My name is Jenny and I am originally from Frankfurt, Germany. :heart_eyes:
I left Germany when I was 19 to live and study in Scotland, and apart from some travelling stints around the world, I’ve always returned to my new home in “sunny” Dundee (apparently it is the sunniest city in Scotland, but I have yet to find out why :face_with_hand_over_mouth:).

My day job is lecturing German and French at a nearby university, and I also help out in the languages department at a nearby private school, but I love meeting international students through platforms like Chatterbug, as it provides a completely new community and having students from around the world is something else!

In my free time, I enjoy travelling/exploring new places (duh!), yoga, walking (my dog), eating and I love a good TV show.

My favourite quote is the cheesy “Everything happens for a reason”, because my philosophy is: Life is short. Don’t waste your time with regrets, and instead re-adjust, appreciate those learning opportunities and try something different next time!

I can’t wait to meet all of you and wish you a splendid (hopefully-sunny-if-you-are-not-in-Dundee) day! :sunflower:


You are very welcome at Chatterbug @JennyBee! Enjoy tutoring!

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Welcome at Chatterbug Jenny :blush:
Have a great time tutoring! I love your philosophy about live and it’s opportunities. :honeybee:
Wish you a sunny and nice spring weekend :tulip:


Hi @JennyBee :hugs: Welcome to Chatterbug :catbee: I like your quote! You are right life is short and things happens as well for a reason. One understands better why years later but time will always give the reasons.


Hallo @JennyBee :wave:, herzlich willkommen bei Chatterbug! I also share a love of eating :ramen: (Do you have a favourite cuisine?) and interacting with students from around the world.

Out of curiosity, did the “Bee” in your username come from the Chatterbug Logo :catbee: ?


Hello Iggi! Thanks for your lovely welcome.
My favourite cuisine is possibly indian, but I always love to try new things wherever I go. A new recent dish I tried was Polish Pierogi with Sauerkraut and mushrooms and I am a FAN. How about yourself? Do you have a favourite?

And yes, the Bee is indeed because of Chatterbug, but I also have a honey bee tattoo, so I thought that would justify it :wink:


Hmm, I have had Pierogi before but that combination seems wild - I must try it sometime!

I like to call myself a dietary nomad as I go where the food smells good :smile: ! I have no preferences but I find that understanding the origin and history of dishes makes them even more delicious - I am a sucker for a good food documentary.

Also, that is an interesting choice for a tattoo. I am sure that there is an even more interesting story behind it.

Again, welcome to the hive :wave: and have fun!


Hi Jenny,

nice to meet you here :slight_smile:

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Hi Jenny,

nice to meet you :wave: :smiley:


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Hello all!
I have been on a long hiatus, but will be back from April 2022 over the summer period.
I am looking forward to seeing old and new faces :slight_smile:


Looking forward to having you back here!