Jens from Germany ( Vietnam )

Dear student, I’m glad you have stopped by my profile.
I would like to introduce myself briefly. My name is Jens and I am 48 years old but I feel like 30 and you will experience that in our lessons. It is important to me that you can learn with fun and come to your live lessons with a good feeling. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. We are here to help you to understand the language better and avoid mistakes in the future.
We will always take enough time for each exercise. It is not important to get all 10 exercises done in one live lesson, you should understand the exercises well and be able to communicate as much as possible in German. We can also just talk if you only want to talk.

I come originally from Germany and have lived in different parts of the country and got to know different dialects. Of course we will speak High German in class.

In addition, I speak the following languages:

English, Vietnamese and Turkish

I have been teaching German in Vietnam for 4 years for an international language school. My students are children of German families who are living here for some time and employees of a large German company.

I have also taught online for 3 years. I have held over 2500 lessons at another online school before Chatterbug, both private and group lessons with up to 5 students.

Since October 2017 I have been working for Chatterbug and love the platform very much. I am convinced of the concept and think that it will also help you to learn German quickly and with joy.

I look forward to getting to know you personally in the next Live-Lesson.



updated: sorry, i’ve made a mistake, until 3 november then.

Hi Jens,
It’s 11.00 but i can’t enter to live session chat, i wrote to support technique, maybe it’s the winter change time?

No problem at all :slight_smile: Thanks for your message

Hallo Jens, Ich habe mein mitgleidung mit chatterbug geendet, also morgen werden wir treffen nicht. Aber in mein “schedule” unser unterricht für morgen ist immer da. Ich wollte dich nur wissen lassen

Sehr schade, dass du gekündigt hast. Es war schön dir beim Deutschlernen zu helfen. Ich hoffe, wir sehen uns wieder. Alles Gute für dich. Danke Jens

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Wusstest du, dass du genau 3000 unterricht bei chatterbug hast? Ich habe das versehentlich gesehen als ich an deine name getippt habe. Herzlichen Gluckwunsch!

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Ja, vielen Dank ! 3000 wow… und es macht immer noch viel Spaß :slight_smile:

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Hallo Jens,
Es gibt keine möglichkeit zum das Unterricht machen. Das system functioniert leider nicht.

Ja, das Problem hatte ich gestern auch einmal. Danach wurde es repariert. Jetzt ist es wieder kaputt ;-(

Ich habe Chatterbug informiert.

Ich habe aber gesehen, dass du heute sogar 2 Minuten vor Unterrichtsbeginn online warst. Super ! Du warst mehr als pünktlich!!! :+1::wink:

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