Joana from Berlin, Germany

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My name is Joana. I am from the north of Germany now living in Berlin. I am an open-minded, positive, active, and creative person. I love sewing and painting. I also take pleasure in Photography :camera_flash: and playing :level_slider: :control_knobs:
electronic music, especially Dark Techno and *Ghetto/ G-House :smile:

My teaching background

Throughout my life, I have been teaching German to people from all over the world and developed an established methodology of teaching. It all started back ten years ago while I was living and traveling through Australia :kangaroo:, South-East Asia :coconut: and México :cactus:. I taught people with all kinds of cultural and psychographic backgrounds; students, business people, and, artists, for instance.
I believe true knowledge transfer takes place when teacher and student are engaged in open dialogue. Developing positive relationships is fundamental to the creative learning process.

Why being part of Chatterbug?

I enjoy meeting diverse people from all over the world. I can`t wait to meet and get to know you. To me, responsibility is an intense feeling which I really enjoy, as being rewarded feels enriching to me. Having the chance to see my students truly happy and proud of themselves is the best I could ask for.

Thanks for your time, taking a look at my profile and reading it to the end. :black_heart:

Have a good one and hope to speak to you soon ! :mechanical_arm:


Welcome @Jojo_Berlin! Happy to have you onboard!


Nice to have you here Joana!


very kind of you, thanks a lot!


Welcome to the community Joana!

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Hi Joana, welcome to Chatterbug!

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Jo Jo has become another of my favourite teachers. When our availability coincides, I definitely request a lesson.


Hi Joana, really enjoyed your intro :slight_smile:

Hi @Jojo_Berlin

I look forward to our first lesson later this morning. I am based in Southampton in the UK, but my business has recently set up a subsidiary in Nürnberg, and I now spend one week there most months. I studied German a long time ago at school, but now need to learn how to speak German properly.

I am a software engineer, and my outside interests include music, gardening and woodwork.

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@Jojo_Berlin will you be back? Can’t find any new slots with you

Thanks again for your help - sorry I have a huge project that has made it so I needed to reschedule. Vielen dank noch einmal!

Hallo Joana, unsere heutige Stunde hat mir sehr gut gefallen, ich hoffe, wir können in Zukunft weitere Stunden haben ?
Ich habe in deinem Profil gelesen, dass du Techno-Musik schreibst?
Bevor ich in der Schweiz gearbeitet habe, war ich in der Musikindustrie als Tontechniker tätig. Ich bin auch Gitarrist und schreibe und produziere auch meine eigenen Songs.
Vielen Dank für Ihre Hilfe heute hoffe, Sie wieder zu sehen
Viele Grüße

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Hey @Dunk888 ,

vielen Dank für die Nachricht. Du kannst Joana als Favoriten markieren (siehe hier), um ihre Verfügbarkeit zu sehen und den Buchungsprozess noch einfacher zu gestalten. Alle unsere Tutorinnen-Profile sind hier zu finden. Die Anfrage nach einem Tutor ist aber keine 100% Garantie, dass du mit diesem Tutor arbeiten werden. Je weiter im Voraus du deine Lektionen planst, desto wahrscheinlicher ist es, dass du mit den angefragten Tutorinnen arbeiten werden.

Viel Spaß beim Lernen! Ich bin hier für dich, falls du weitere Fragen hast.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Sam :wave: