Joana from Berlin, Germany

:heart: MOIN ! :flags:

My name is Joana. I am from the north of Germany now living in Berlin. I am an open-minded, positive, active, and creative person. I love sewing and painting. I also take pleasure in Photography :camera_flash: and playing :level_slider: :control_knobs:
electronic music, especially Dark Techno and *Ghetto/ G-House :smile:

My teaching background

Throughout my life, I have been teaching German to people from all over the world and developed an established methodology of teaching. It all started back ten years ago while I was living and traveling through Australia :kangaroo:, South-East Asia :coconut: and Mรฉxico :cactus:. I taught people with all kinds of cultural and psychographic backgrounds; students, business people, and, artists, for instance.
I believe true knowledge transfer takes place when teacher and student are engaged in open dialogue. Developing positive relationships is fundamental to the creative learning process.

Why being part of Chatterbug?

I enjoy meeting diverse people from all over the world. I can`t wait to meet and get to know you. To me, responsibility is an intense feeling which I really enjoy, as being rewarded feels enriching to me. Having the chance to see my students truly happy and proud of themselves is the best I could ask for.

Thanks for your time, taking a look at my profile and reading it to the end. :black_heart:

Have a good one and hope to speak to you soon ! :mechanical_arm:


Welcome @Jojo_Berlin! Happy to have you onboard!


Nice to have you here Joana!


very kind of you, thanks a lot!


Welcome to the community Joana!

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Hi Joana, welcome to Chatterbug!

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Jo Jo has become another of my favourite teachers. When our availability coincides, I definitely request a lesson.


Hi Joana, really enjoyed your intro :slight_smile:

Hi @Jojo_Berlin

I look forward to our first lesson later this morning. I am based in Southampton in the UK, but my business has recently set up a subsidiary in Nรผrnberg, and I now spend one week there most months. I studied German a long time ago at school, but now need to learn how to speak German properly.

I am a software engineer, and my outside interests include music, gardening and woodwork.

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@Jojo_Berlin will you be back? Canโ€™t find any new slots with you

Thanks again for your help - sorry I have a huge project that has made it so I needed to reschedule. Vielen dank noch einmal!