Kommasetzung auf Deutsch

Maybe you asked: “When do I have to put a comma in a German sentence?” :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Okay, there are some basic rules:

  • A comma is put between two main sentences (Hauptsätze): Ich trinke heute ein Bier, meine Frau trinkt einen Wein.
  • It’s also put between a main sentence and a subordinate clause (Nebensatz): Ich schlafe viel, weil ich müde bin.
  • We also put a comma in enumerations: Ich trinke Bier, Wein, Cola, Wasser und Tee.
  • You have to put a comma when you add additional information at the end of a sentence: Ich mag Bier, aber am liebsten deutsches Bier.

Okay, those are the basics :wink:
But there are many other rules. Here you can find more detailed information.




I consider it not that complicated… :muscle:t4:

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