Larissa from Germany

Hi! I am Larissa I am 30 years old and currently living in México. I am originally from Wiesbaden in Germany.
I am a Veterinarian and an active rider.
I have worked with horses since I can remember and they are my greatest passion.


I became a tutor on Chatterbug in October 2018 and I enjoy it a lot. I am fluent in english and spanish and have good knowledge of french. German is my native language.
I know how it feels to arrive to a new country and to not understand one single word. When I came to México I thought that because I live close to the US border, everybody will talk english. But that wasnt the fact. I had to learn the hard way. Far away from Friends and family with not a single word of spanish. In retrospect, it was the most efficient way of learning a language. At some point you just let go of the selfconciousness and the fear of sounding ridiculous. Nobody cares! Everybody was lovely and helpful on my journey to mastering this New language…

Also, I love meeting so many new people here on the platform and exchanging experiences.
In the future I would love to learn italian.

I enjoy reading, riding, traveling and spending time with my friends and family.

My favourite food: Italian


Nice video @Lari1108! Your dogs and horse are so cute! It looks like a nice place to live :slight_smile:

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That’s a cool video @Lari1108! Thanks for showing us a little bit of your environment, it looks lovely :ok_hand:

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It is! I wanted all my dogs at the same time but they are very Badly behaved and didnt do as I told them. Hahaha


Love the video @Lari1108 ! Thanks so much for sharing. I just noticed that as a veterinarian you had to learn a lot of new and very specific vocabulary in English and Spanish to be able to work with animals. So I’m sure you can relate very well with people who need to learn German for their job. :slight_smile:

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