Latin in your language?

In French, we still use many phrases from latin language.
Here is a selection among my favorite :

  1. Carpe diem = profite du jour présent ! “Seize the day”, enjoy the present!

  2. Errare humanum est = l’erreur est humaine. It’s normal to make errors.

  3. Ad vitam æternam = pour toujours. forever

  4. Mea culpa = c’est ma faute. my mistake.

  5. Cogito ero sum = je pense donc je suis. I think, therefore I am. :thinking:

What are yours?
Are latin phrases also used in your language?


In Spanish, we use “per se”, “a priori”, “alter ego”, curriculum vitae", “incógnito”, “lapsus” and more. I’m surprised how many we have :open_mouth:. What a good topic.


In Spanish, we also use: ipso facto, a grosso modo, a priori, versus, modus operandi, vox populi, in situ, in vitro, in fragranti, in crescendo. There are many more, indeed, but those are the most common ones. :blush:

In fact, the expression ‘etcetera’ comes from the Latin expression et caetera which literally means ‘and the rest of the things’.