Lauréna from France

Bonjour ! :wave:t3:

I am Lauréna, my work at Chatterbug is to make people enjoy learning French :clipperton_island: and I love it! I used to teach French as a foreign language in different countries :uk: :canada: :cn: and I learned English, a bit of Spanish, German and a tiny bit of Mandarin on the way. My life changed so much when I got to speak foreign languages that I am really happy to be able to help other people having this opportunity, as well!
I tutor French from time to time, it reminds me of my previous life :woman_teacher:t3: and enables me to talk to people at the other side of the world :earth_africa:

I wish you a bon voyage through your learning process :railway_track: Keep going, you took the right decision :muscle:t3: