Le jour des crêpes 🥞

Savez-vous qu’il existe un jour spécial pour manger des crêpes en France ?! :pancakes: :drooling_face:
C’est la Chandeleur, le 2 février !

Découvrez l’origine de cette tradition dans le stream de Linda :point_down:

:warning: Les crêpes must be flipped in the pan with the right hand while holding a gold coin in the left hand in order to enjoy prosperity for the whole year. Here is Geraldine’s recipe (and you will find out at the end of the stream if she succeeds or not in making the crêpes jump! :upside_down_face:)

Et vous, avec quoi mangez-vous vos crêpes ? Du chocolat :chocolate_bar: ? Du miel :honey_pot: ? Du beurre et du sucre ? :butter:


C’est intéressant! J’aime mes crêpes sucrée avec du sucre et du jus de citron frais. :lemon:

Maintenant, j’ai faim.


C’est très intéressant! Je sais ce que je vais faire comme dessert ce soir! Mes enfants vont être si heureux. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Aujourd’hui aux États-Unis, c’est “Groundhog Day” (jour de la marmotte??). Je pense que j’aime bien plus la Chandeleur!


c’est hyper intéressant ! ici au mexique il y a la même tradition para el” dia de la candelaria” mais ici on mange des tamales traditionnellement ! :slightly_smiling_face:


We did it! Candles and all. Looks like my wife and son will have great luck in the year ahead…my daughter and I, less so!

Can I blame not having the proper pan? :sweat_smile:

Thanks for introducing us to this fun tradition, Chatterbug!


Oh c’est trop cool !! I have to confess here that I’ve never done the money coin thing myself (I just flipped the crêpes without thinking about good luck) :see_no_evil: But now I want to try haha!

You can totally blame the pan @mgm > you need a proper crêpière :nerd_face:

PS: I discovered Groundhog Day in the excellent movie with Billy Murray (called “Un jour sans fin” here). Have you ever attended one of these celebrations?


:clap: :heart:
Ooh bravo @mgm !! Thanks for sharing this, I love it!

You can definitely blame it on not having the proper pan! Haha. I must confess I was never able to make good crêpes without my special pan :see_no_evil: :grimacing:
If you add a lot of butter or oil in the pan before making the crêpe and the crêpe moves easily in the pan when it’s done, try to throw it high - it’ll flip more easily :wink:


It’s funny @Amandine - everyone loves that movie, and all of the news outlets talk about whether the groundhog will or won’t see his shadow, but I’ve never known a single person who attended the event! I think it’s a very regional thing…and kind of in the middle of nowhere!


It was super fun. Thanks for showing us how it’s done! Plus, I got to put Linda’s awesome stream on râler to good use when my crêpe didn’t flip properly :upside_down_face:


Hahaha, that’s amazing! :laughing:
There’s always a good reason to râler :speak_no_evil: