Le langage familier

Le langage familier in french known as popular or common language is a form of speaking used day to day especially in the streets , in public spaces among young french speakers today.It may differ from “Le langage soutenu” which is more standardized and used in official settings such as in schools and in administration.As a french learner you may come in contact with native french speakers who employ expressions that can be considered "le langage familier’’ ou les expressions argotiques*Below are some examples.
Langue soutenue Argot
je suis fatigué je suis claqué

 un ami                                                                  un pote                                                                                 

 je travaille trop                                                    je bosse trop

ça m’énerve                                                          ça me saoule                                                                     

ça suffit                                                                  j’en ai ras le bol.                                                               

je n’ai plus d’argent                                              je suis fauché.

As a french learner it is important that you learn these types of expressions which are quite common in France and which you can easily find in the conversations of native speakers. Bon courage a vous tous. Merci.