Learning a new language: Keep it easy

When you learn a new language, maybe you feel frustrated from time to time because you can’t express your thoughts in the language you learn.
So, you express yourself using vocabulary or grammar structures you heard some time ago. But the outcome is a bit frustrating, because you can’t use it correctly.
Here’s a counsel I received many times learning new languages: KEEP IT EASY! Make short sentences. Use the vocabulary you already know to describe, what you mean. And use new words or grammar structures as frequent as you can, until they really become part of you.

Here is an example how to keep it easy:

  • Ich kann nicht heute kommen zur Arbeit, weil ich habe Kopf Schmerzen. --> Ich arbeite heute nicht. Ich bin krank.

You see, you have two short sentences instead of a long one with less new words and without complicated grammar structure.

What’s your way to handle a new language, especially when you are struggling with it?


Thank you for your advice @SKrausser!
It helps me a lot to learn new vocabulary when I have pictures that demonstrate meaning or new words.
For new grammar I find it useful to apply it as often as possible.
And I’d definitely recommend read and watch more in your target language as a lot of grammar and vocabulary tend to reappear making it easier to remember.
I also think it’s a good idea to come back to older topics and repeat them as it may help you with new topics.


Thank you for your advice @SKrausser. It also helped me a lot if I wrote down 2 to 3 new expressions or words in the morning and tried to use it during the day with different people to see if I use it correctly and also get more comfortable with it.
I think one of the main goals when learning a new language is to stay consistent and make time for your target language every day if possible even if it’s just watching a youtube video or reading a short article.


I definitely agree with your suggestion to keep it simple. :+1:

On a similar note, I like to make sure I always describe new words using other words in the language I am trying to learn. This can be hard at first (and I wouldn’t suggest it for A1 learners) but it encourages you to build directly on what you already know! In English, we call that “circumlocution”, which means speaking (locution) around something (circum).