Leberwurst heaven

Hi friends!

I just ate 2 Broetchen with Leberwurst that my mom sent me from Germany alongside other german things like chocolate, Lebkuchen, Salami etc.
What is it that you guys living abroad miss the most from good old Deutschland?
My dessert is going to be Toffifee hahahaha

Have a nice sunday and a great start into the new week



Happy Sunday!
I don`t miss things from good old Germany (except Haribo Gummibärchen :wink: , but I do miss things from good old Switzerland ; ) I miss the variety of cheeses and good quality chocolates ( now we can get Rittersport and Saroti), Basler Läckerli, at first I missed Aromat and Maggi Würze…I also miss Quark and and other milkproducts…
Enjoy your goodies!!!
How much time does it take to send a parcel from Germany to you? Because when my mom sends me something from time to time it takes up to 6 months!!!

Have a great week



If you send it express which is very expensive, its 7 business days :slight_smile:
The normal package takes 3 weeks usually

The only thing I miss abroad is Franziskaner WeiĂźbier. Found a bunch of wheat beer and imported white beers but never Franziskaner.


Wow, that`s fast!!! Good for you :slight_smile:

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Since Covid started, Ecuador imported more German beer. So, in our local supermarket, we have 7 different beer brands instead of 1. I love Covid jajajajaja