Lena from Germany 🇩🇪

Hello lovely Chatterbugs! :wave: :catbee:

I’m Lena, 27, and I grew up in a small town beneath the Hohenzollern castle in the beautiful South of Germany. That means I can give you a representation of some of the funniest dialects in the country, but more importantly, I can also speak accent-free :owl:. I studied Economics in Heidelberg and then did a master’s degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship in Edinburgh :european_castle:. I’ve worked in Berlin, New Zealand, Scotland, and a language school in Tunisia :mosque:. Now I am pursuing a career in the sustainability field.

I know how hard it can be not being able to speak the native language when arriving at a new country, and always try to take this perspective when explaining new vocabulary or grammar that can sometimes be difficult to understand. Other than that, an easy-going, friendly learning environment is key to feeling comfortable when learning and speaking a new language :rainbow::llama:. Therefore, I believe a relaxed atmosphere and lots of laughing are important! You will decide on the pace of the lesson, can ask any question, and bring up any request any time, so there’s nothing to worry about and you’ll see you’ll be making progress so quickly! :bear_happy:

The first time I started teaching German as a foreign language was when I held classes for refugees in my hometown. I loved to see the continuous progression of my students and learn about their various backgrounds and cultures; it was a terrific experience and brought along many new friends! :happyllama: Keen to learn as many languages as possible, I also recently made my own attempts to make some first steps in French and Arabic (so I know the struggles! :derp:). Besides that, I speak English fluently, know Latin, and some Spanish, too. I am convinced that learning new languages opens new doors and broadens our horizons. It brings about wonderful new possibilities to connect with people all around the world :earth_africa: - and the best thing is: It can be so much fun! I’m excited to meet you all, so let’s get started! :blush:

I’m happy to hear from you - bis bald (:


Welcome to our community Lena!

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Thanks Larissa! So happy to be here!

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Welcome Lena! Happy to have you onboard :sunflower:


Herzlich Willkommen :star_struck:

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Hi Lena, grüße von Nils

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