Les gusta/gustan confusion

Can someone help me as I don’t understand the answer.

A ustedes is plural so ‘les’
sus amigos is plural so ‘gustan’

Why is the answer ‘les gusta’?


You write les gusta because the verb visitar follow it and gusta need to be on the same number as visitar, not as friends


Thank you for helping me.

So if I understand it right; with any verb after, it’s gusta (singular).
And if visitar wasn’t in the sentence then it would be:
A ustedes les gustan sus amigas. (plural + plural).

That’s right, @GM247. Depending on what you like, you need to use gusta or gustan. If it’s a verb what follows, then you need to use gusta.
Some examples:

Me gusta la sopa.
Me gustan las manzanas.
Me gusta ver películas.

A ellos les gusta la sopa.
A ellos les gustan las manzanas.
A ellos les gusta ver películas.

Hope this is helpful!


Thank you so much @wilmer_arias this is extremely helpful!

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