Lessons for teenagers

Hi, I have had more students ages 13-18 in my lessons recently. Has Chatterbug given any thought into creating appropriate, interesting and fun material for this age group? I think it is a growing market with so many students learning from home online during this pandemic.


Hi Lynn! Our attention has been brought to this fact and we will definitely discuss it within the team. Can I ask how many students in this age group you’ve had so far?

Thanks so much for being so dynamic and adapting the content to this age group when necessary, we really appreciate it :slight_smile:!


Hi Stefanie! Nice to hear from you. I have had between 6-8 students in this age group and many of them repeats. This age group seems to be struggling with getting in enough speaking practice when it comes to learning English. Their English teacher in school gives assignments, but no “one on one” time or much group conversation. Many of them tell me they simply don’t like their teacher at school or the teacher is not a native English speaker. I also assume that many traditional teachers are understandably overwhelmed at the moment with adapting to online teaching. Hope this helps :grinning:


Yes, very much indeed! I will share your insight with the team! Thank you and have a nice weekend :slight_smile: