Let's talk about cake!

Cakes and bakes! Sweets and treats! As you might’ve guessed, I have an enormous sweet tooth! :blush:

As an avid baker, I often find myself craving a slice of cake with my afternoon tea. In recent times, however, I’ve learned that the term “cake” can take on many different meanings.

Today, I am not only going to introduce you to my version of cake, but I will also show you a couple of fantastic tarts and treats for your afternoon tea.

  1. Cake

In South Africa, cake would be defined as a type of sponge cake that is layered and covered in icing. The most popular cakes are vanilla, chocolate, red velvet and carrot cake amongst others. The secret to a good cake is to make sure it is moist and to add a layer of icing/frosting between the two layers. Frostings can vary between buttercream frosting, cream cheese frosting, cream or even ganache.

  1. Cupcakes
    Do you feel like cake, but only a small amount?
    Whip up your favourite cake batter and pour them into cupcake pans. Much quicker and just as tasty! My favourite cupcakes are by far vanilla with a caramel center and a buttercream frosting. I’ve also baked cappuccino cupcakes in the past that came out brilliantly!

Warning! Make sure that the recipe you are using can be used for cupcakes. Remember that the cooking time will also differ.

  1. Tarts
    Whether you prefer tarts with or without fruit, there are so many varieties to choose from!
    A ‘tart’ is defined as a type of desert that is baked or set (in the fridge) in a tart dish. Some of the most popular tarts in South Africa include milk tart, caramel tart, peppermint crisp tart and cremora tart.

Here is a picture of a milk tart. Milk tart, is a dessert originally created by the Dutch settlers in the “Cape” consisting of a sweet pastry crust containing a custard filling made from milk, flour, sugar and eggs. Definitely one of my favourites!

  1. Koeksisters
    An incredibly sweet treat that is always on the tea table is the traditional South African “koeksister”. Koeksisters are a traditional Afrikaner confectionery made of fried dough infused in syrup or honey. With every crunchy bite and every droplet of dripping syrup, you will quickly realize that you are in dessert heaven!

  1. Muffins
    Enjoy them at the breakfast table or even during tea. If you feel like a snack, a muffin will do the trick.
    People often get confused between muffins and cupcakes. The biggest difference? Cupcakes have frosting, but muffins don’t.
    Muffins are enjoyed as a savoury treat. It is served with butter, jam and cheese and also comes in many tasty options. My favourite is the famous blueberry muffin followed very closely by a cappuccino and/or bran muffin.

Would you like to learn more about South African sweet treats? Have you tried some of these yourself? Let me know what you think! I look forward to hearing from you! :blush:

For now, I’m off to the kitchen to whip up something for tea! :cupcake:


Wow that all looks and sounds delicious :drooling_face: :yum: @ChereeKr

Aww, my favorite is also the blueberry muffin! Or a raspberry cake with lots of fresh raspberries.

I’d love to learn more about South African sweet treats!!

I’ve never tried a raspberry cake myself, but traditionally one could find a raspberry cheesecake at coffee shops.

What makes South African cheesecake so special is the combination of cream cheese and yoghurt that makes for the PERFECT and most AMAZING creamy filling! :blush:


All of the above sound delicious but since I absolutely die for peppermint flavor, I would really appreciate the recipe for the peppermint crisp tart!!!

Wow, @ChereeKr :drooling_face: :drooling_face: This looks so delicious!! Thank you for sharing :star_struck:. I haven’t tried any of them, but I have tried Rusks, and they are so yummy!

A peppermint crisp tart is definitely a fan favourite, super easy to make and very tasty! :drooling_face: The only problem is that finding the exact ingredients can be rather tricky and I’ve still not been able to find a good alternative for the mint chocolate (in Germany). Amazon or South African stores might be your best bet. :yum:
Nevertheless, here is the recipe:

2 packets of tennis biscuits
2 tins caramel condensed milk
500ml fresh cream
2 grated Peppermint Crisp chocolates

  1. Place a layer of whole tennis biscuits in a 29x19x5cm dish, take a smaller dish if you are wanting to do more layers.
  2. Smear the biscuits with 1 tin of caramel condensed milk, or if layering more, use what you need.
  3. Beat the cream until almost stiff (do not overdo this, otherwise you’ll land up with butter). Add the grated Peppermint Crisp, leaving enough for the top layer.
  4. Add a thin layer of the beaten cream with Peppermint Crisp on the layer of tennis biscuits, then arrange another layer of tennis biscuit on top. (repeat this if needed)
  5. In the cream mixture, add 1 tin of caramel condensed milk, continue to mix. When done, finish off the tart by adding this cream mixture on top of the biscuits, sprinkle with leftover Pepper Mint Crisp.
  6. Refrigerate for at least 4 to 5 hours.

Rusks are brilliant whether enjoyed during breakfast or just as a snack.
Since coming to Germany, I’ve mastered my own recipe and bake my own rusks every once in a while. The only downfall… they don’t last very long! :see_no_evil: :joy:


Looks delicious @ChereeKr :yum:. I could have a couple of those right now :smiley:
In case you come to Berlin you could have a piece of cheesecake here

…and these places are also great for eating cake :yum:

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Thank you so much for the recommendations! :star2: It seems like my next visit to Berlin will have to include a cake tour! :grin:

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Jepp, you should definitively do that :smiley:
I forgot to mention the Schokoladen-Cafe in the Schokoladenhaus in Berlin-Mitte

If you like Donuts you might want to get one here

Oh and one shouldn‘t forget the traditional Cafe-Buchwald in Berlin Moabit known for their Baumkuchen

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