Let's talk about our trips and adventures!

Hi there everyone! :blossom:

I am sure many of us, learners and tutors, might be taking or have taken a trip somewhere in order to relax, de-stress and enjoy. :grin:

The world is in a vulnerable state, and it’s important for each of us to take care of ourselves and our health in every way possible.

That being said… let’s talk about trips, vacations, and adventures. Have you taken any this year, or have plans for one? This could be a weekend trip, a quick vacation in the alps, a trip to your homeland or a beach vacation!

We are all living in this delicate situation and are taking steps to keep ourselves and others safe,
this topic is to open up a bit and use our English vocabulary, of course!

I just recently returned from a trip to Turkey and after two years of not taking any trips, it was a huge relief. We took antigen tests with us to test ourselves every two days and made sure to keep a healthy distance from others to be safe. Even so, it was a wonderful and much needed break!

Hoping to see and read about your past, present and future trips :world_map: :dizzy:


Thanks for sharing your experience! True, everyone of us needs a brake and recharge the batteries. We just wait until we are fully vaccinated and then make a two-week-vacation at a lonely beach at the Pacific.


I just came back from a week of relax in Costa Brava (Girona, Spain). Amazing landscapes and beaches, I wish I could go back. Here a couple of photos :wink:


Hi @AryoryKarakus :blush:

Wow, that is a beautiful picture :astonished:. Was it a temple?

You’re right, one needs to have some time to relax and even see other places. I haven’t been able to travel, but I’m planning to do it soon :happyllama:. Still, I have my concerns about COVID and how would it be, but I think if one is careful one can enjoy it and relax :star_struck:.


Hi @SKrausser that’s great to hear! I hope you guys can do it soon and feel relaxed! :smiley:


Hi @aligcrespo it looks amazing there! I am glad you had such a fun time. I, for one, will definitely look into this place for a future trip :smiley: :star_struck:

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Hey @27sp.sandra! This was inside the Hagia Sophia! It was recently reinstated as a Mosque and it is such a wonderfully beautiful and historical place in Istanbul. I definitely understand having concerns! I’m vaccinated but still definitely took as many precautions as possible, it’s all we can do to start moving forward. Best wishes for a future trip! :star_struck:


Hi @AryoryKarakus! What an amazing photo! I visited Turkey 6 years ago and loved every second of it! What an amazing place, filled with a rich culture and great food!

My most recent trip was to the Czech Republic, where we spent a weekend supporting a friend at the European Downhill Cup. It was so great being in nature and enjoying the sunny weather!

I will be traveling back home (South Africa) at the end of the year to visit family and friends, and I honestly cannot wait! :star_struck:


What a beautiful mosque @AryoryKarakus!

I just came back from a road / camping trip through Germany, France, Switzerland and Spain. Then I visited a friend in Bursa, Turkey for the first time. What a great experience!

Narbonne, France

Lausanne, Switzerland

La Segrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain (It’s almost complete!)

Grand Mosque of Bursa in Bursa, Turkey