Lia from Austria, living in Milan

Hey everyone, nice that your’re here! :hugs:

My name is Lia, I’m an austrian girl who has recently moved to Milan. I study communication and love getting to know different countries, languages and cultures. And that’s why I’m here!
Beside my interest of languages and cultures, I’m also really passionate about baking. I just love to create all imaginable variations of cakes, pies and muffins and of course - taste them.
So if you don’t find me strolling down the streets of Milan, you’ll probably find me in the kitchen. :birthday:

Just recently I discovered a new passion that I cannot withhold from you. I try my hand at planting fruits and vegetables on my little balcony in Milan. It’s been a lot of fun so far, but let’s see if I have a green thumb and I can actually harvest something soon. I will keep you updated. :strawberry: :leafy_green:

For all those who want to become familiar with not only the german language but also the austrian dialect - I’m looking forward to meet and chat with you while you’re learning a new language.

Hope to see you soon!
Love, Lia

In case that the lesson went by too fast and the 60 seconds flew by in no time but there is still an open question - please don’t hesitate to write a comment with your question below. I’ll try to answer as quick as possible. :blush:


You are welcome at Chatterbug @Lia12! Enjoy your first live lessons with our students.

Please share your favorite recipe with us! Maybe we can try to bake it as well :wink:


Welcome, Lia! Could you share a picture of one of your baking creations with us? It would be great to see a baking video too! :yum:


Hi Lia, sorry I got cut off when I hit finish the lesson and we still had 3 minutes left :frowning:
Looking forward to doing more lessons with you this month!


Hey Andrea :blush: I was already wondering, but don’t worry. I hope you’re having an amazing time in Amsterdam, enjoy! See you soon, Lia

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Hey @erikswanson ! As promised I’m sending you the link with further information about the plural endings:
Hab einen schönen Donnerstag! :blush: