Limit notifications, please

Hi! First, as a French student, I want to say that I love how much French content there is on Streams now! I inadvertently uninstalled it when I switched phones a while back, but re-installed it a few days ago (and I’m glad I did, so I could see @Amandine’s amazing make-up and acting skills live in Where to see a ghost in France? - that was hilarious. Amandine, you’re ready for a cameo on Dix pour cent!).

One thing I’ve noticed over the past few days is that Streams is pretty noisy with the notifications. Here’s what my screen looks like today Typically what I do when an app shows me this many is to shut off all notifications at the system level - not a great outcome :frowning:

Obviously it’s important to alert users to interesting things, but also not overwhelm them. I don’t know what the product team has considered already, but here’s the rough outline of what I’ve seen work well:

  • Pick a low initial number of notifications per user per day, say 2
  • Do some basic ranking on those notifications if possible to most interesting to each user (since the catalog of videos are known in advance, this should be reasonably direct)
  • Slowly ratchet that number up if the user is engaging with the notifications (eg, a ratio of 6 engagements yields 1 new notification spot per day)
  • Similarly ratchet down is engagement falls
  • Consider weekly max as well, in addition to daily

Just a thought - I know how busy y’all are making Streams great! Keep up the awesome work!


Hihi thanks @mgm :woman_mage:
I’ll pass this on to the team. I’m sure it’s very useful feedback for them!


Hey @mgm,

Amandine passed your message on to me and I wanted to say a big thanks for your detailed suggestions! Making the notification behaviour less primitive is indeed on our to-do list, but the things you mentioned will help us pin down how to approach this.

I’d welcome any other feedback you have with open arms :slight_smile: