Live Chat feature

Honestly, I didn’t watch so much Stream. But I want to share the feedback that a student gave me yesterday in a LL. She said that Stream is absolutely helpful and great. Especially, the length of the streams allow her to watch one during her break.

She mentioned that it would be great to have a chat feature where students can ask questions or interact with the streamers (or other team members) during a stream.

Are there currently plans to implement such a feature?


Hi @SKrausser, thanks for sharing this feedback on behalf of one of your students. We’re really happy to hear they are enjoying the app and find it helpful for their language learning!

The Streams app does in fact include a chat function already! In each Stream there are two tabs to view: the ‘Lesson’ tab, where you will see learning content on the topic of the Stream and quiz questions, and the ‘Chat’ tab, where you can interact with the Streamers and other Streams viewers.

Here is an example of how this looks:

Feel free to tag your student in a reply to this post, so they can see how to find the chat. :wink:


@ichbins You see, I passed your feedback along. Here is the answer to your question!


Thanks a lot for passing this on, Stephan!

I’ve just updated the app, and yes, I can see it now. This is great! You’re reading our minds! :wink:

Another feature I’d find really useful is to have a list of vocabulary items at the end of each stream. Some of them have it, some don’t. I take a lot of screenshots while watching, but a simple list at the end (with an option to save it, if possible) would make it all easier. :slight_smile:



Hey Magda,

Thanks for sharing! We’ve been thinking about making learning items ‘saveable’ for a while, so it’s cool to hear that you’ve basically already been doing this through screenshots. I like the idea of collating these in a list at the end of the stream - we’ll discuss how we might implement that :slight_smile: