Live lesson could not connect with Tutor's Audio/Video

My lesson today couldn’t connect with my tutor’s audio/video. We were only able to communicate through text chat.

This was a tutor I have worked with before, and I was using my regular machine and browser, and had a very good Internet connection. Both of us tried refreshing our browser and then completely restarting the browser, but to no effect.

After 10 minutes we gave up and abandoned the lesson.

Update. I have an email saying the lesson has been refunded. Any insight into why this happened would be appreciated.

Hey @jeremybennett,

Thanks for posting this! I checked the lesson data and it seems the tutor was unable to connect - most likely her internet connection wasn’t fast enough or was unstable. We’re working with her to rectify this asap. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience, but we didn’t charge you, of course, so please book another lesson :pray:

With warmest season’s greetings,


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