Live lesson credits - Expiry

The credits expire after a month but what about the following scenario:

  1. At day 1, you get 8 monthly credits
  2. You book in advance and during the 30 days validity period Live Lesson courses that are at day 35 and day 40.

Are the courses at day 35 and day 40 valid? The system allows this kind of booking.

Hi @ifotopoulos !

Sorry, I missed your post! Did you figure out how it works? Unfortunately, I’m not very familiar with the Live Lesson credit system… It’s best you reach out directly to the Chatterbug staff through their messaging system. I’m sure they are able to answer your question! :v:

This is from my own experience: If you book in ADVANCE with the credits you have, the lesson that will find place AFTER the renewal email, will be deducted from the NEW credits.

So if you get 8 credits at the 15th each month in the afternoon and you book 8 live lessons whereas the last lesson will find place on the 15th of the next month in the evening; this last lesson will be charged of the NEW monthly credits. So you have lost 1 Live Lesson from the month before which is quite unfair in my opinion.


Thank you for your feedback @GM247!
Okay so now you have your answer @ifotopoulos! :slight_smile: As credits expire after 30 days, confirmed lessons will be deducted from the next month (or canceled if your subscription is over)…