Live Lessons for the completed chapters

Is it possible to have live lessons for the completed chapters?

For example, the tool placed me in level 3 after the placement test. But I would like to take some live lessons for level 2. Is it possible?



Answer I got from Chatterbug support:

Yes you can review material from previous level thanks to our review lessons. These come up automatically once every 4 sessions, but you can also generate review lessons thanks to our customizing tool.

You cannot choose exactly which unit or which level you review, however. The review exercises are selected automatically by Chatterbug.

Yes the customizing button lets you choose a review lesson (with material from previous levels) instead of a new lesson (which would be with the topics of your current level).

As you continue studying, some of the review lessons will also include exercises you’ve already seen but struggled with


Hi Viru, if I understand you right, you would like to have some level 2 life lessons. The placement test positioned you in level 3, therefore the system started you in level 3 and will not offer level 2 review lessons. You could contact Chatterbug staff by email, or contact them through the yellow chat button. You would need to start at level 2 to receive level 2 live lessons. Hope this helps. Have fun learning with Chatterbug.

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YOu can go to “preview lesson” and then “customize” and this should let you select any of the previous levels to study.