Live lessons scheduling: the number of available tutors and an option to get a different tutor

In the new UI you don’t see the number of tutors available for the chosen period and you can only see it if there’s only one tutor left. It’d be cool to get it back the way it was before.

Also I have an idea for a feature. I usually book the same time every week and sometimes I get the same tutor multiple times in a row. It’s not bad and I’m always happy to see them again but sometimes I also want to have a lesson with someone new with whom I haven’t had a lesson before. It could also be implemented as an option to rebook your lesson by clicking a button so that (if another tutor is available) you will get a different tutor for that time block.

By the way, thank you for the amazing job you are doing here! I don’t know what my language learning would be like without Chatterbug


@marunyash Thanks for your suggestions! We deeply appreciate it. We’ll pass that along to our engineers.

A little suggestion: You can favorite several tutors and then see their availability in the schedule. So you have more options to learn with other tutors. Generally, we try to be as available as possible.


Thank you for the tip! I will try it


Thank you very much for your feedback @marunyash :blush:. We are really happy to help you with your language learning :star_struck:.