Low Radiation Headsets

Hi, I tried to stay away from using a headset. Unfortunately it’s impossible, as there sometimes is an echo.

I am very aware of radiation and its effect and can feel it physically after a session. Therefore I researched the subject and found that there are Air Tube Headsets, which are anti radiation headsets. I have ordered one, will try it and let you have some more feedback.

Have you made the same experience and which headsets are you using to keep radiation near the head low. Looking forward to your replies. :slight_smile:


I received the low radiation headset and can report that they work very well. I am very pleased that my head and body is no longer connected to the invisible waves.


Hi Dagmar,

Thanks for bringing this important topic up! I also pay attention to those waves and I am happy to read that you’ve found a healthier alternative.
Would you mind sharing the model you’ve bought with us? :headphones:

Danke im Voraus,

Hello Laurena,

I am so happy that you are interested in these headsets. I assure you, I could not teach without them, I can definitely feel a big difference. I have two sets, just in case one decides to stop working.
I bought them via Amazon, one is from “Kinden” the other one is from a brand called “Ibrain”. There are lots to choose from, the most important thing is that they are "Air tube, anti radiation (radiation free) headphones.

Please let us know if you can also feel a difference. :slight_smile:
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