Max, the half British, half German streamer from London

Hello Everyone! I cannot wait to meet you all in my streams.

We have been preparing for months, and I am fully excited for you to see my back catalogue, talking about everything and anything, as well as have you all watch me do my thing live! I see myself as a bit of a halfway house between German and British (and I like to think I take the best elements from both! :stuck_out_tongue: ). This means I love comparing the two languages and cultures, and this is a topic that will come up a lot in my streams. Trust me, I know why German is hard for English speakers and vice versa!

I am a Londoner at heart, but I now call Berlin my home: don’t make me choose, both are incredible places, both are worth a visit or ten, and both feel like home (and you’ll get some good insider tips about both in my streams).

After having visited every year since I was 17, I finally moved to Berlin in 2020… Mid pandemic!

I was born in London, with a German mother and grew up going to a language school (having a bilingual education). I was surrounded by kids from all over and I think this has made me into someone who is very interested in other cultures and languages. I love travel, talking to people about their home countries, and I would love to be one of those people who can dabble in lots of languages. On top of English and German, I am not too bad at French and am trying my hand at Spanish and Japanese.

In my streams you can expect me to talk about travel a lot, as well as culture (especially German and British). Growing up as a half-German, half-Brit, I always felt like I was able to see what was quirky and special about both cultures, and I love having the chance to share these thoughts with you. On top of this I enjoy talking about cinema, history, pop culture, video games, music etc, anything culture related really… and I am especially partial to singing the odd song here and there.

This brings me on to my background. I am still heavily involved in the theatre scene. I have worked on West End shows, international tours, large scale musicals etc, and these days I mostly work as a theatre director, so you might get a little showbiz insider knowledge in my streams from time to time.

The most important thing for me is that the streams are fun. They aren’t really language ‘lessons’ for me per se. More of an opportunity to have a laugh, talk about interesting topics, play some games and introduce everyone to two amazing cultures and their nuances, and you get to absorb a new language in the process, and maybe get to know me along the way! (Doesn’t sound bad at all when I put it like that! :wink:

And trust me, from a guy who managed to trip and destroy the company’s beautiful brand new studio on my first week of studio streams, I guarantee you will never know what to expect with me!

Catch you all soon,

Living that Berlin-Brandenburg life… complete with the Berlin uniform!


Welcome @MaxBex!! I watched your early Streams, they were great fun! :raised_hands:


Hi @MaxBex :blush: It has been fun to learn with you, not only German but also about new topics. About the studio :face_with_hand_over_mouth:, it may be a good idea for a Stream. I’m really clumsy, so I think more than one person could relate with your story :sweat_smile:.

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Thanks Amandine! Fun is always the goal for me! :slight_smile:

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Aaaah! Thanks so much. Weirdly I am kind of proud of that fall! :rofl:
If I did a stream about my clumsiness it would be a very long stream indeed! Hahaha.
Thanks for watching so far. :+1: :slight_smile: