May 1st / 1er mai / 1 de mayo / am 1. Mai

Hey! Is there anything special happening in your country on May 1st?!

In France, it’s a holiday to celebrate Labor Day and people give each other lilies of the valley (le muguet)! :seedling: :slightly_smiling_face:

Learn more about that tradition here :point_down:

And if you’re curious about Geman traditions, take a look here! :point_down:


I like the (very funny) fact that the “Labor Day” is a national holiday in many countries. I’ll celebrate it working a bit, as many freelancers do :joy:


Very true @SKrausser ! That has always be fascinating to me too.
In my city, May 1st is the only day in the whole year where there are no public transports at all. Happy Labor Day :sweat_smile: !


In some parts of German-speaking countries, you will find a Maibaum (may pole) around May 1st. That’s a decorated tree, which is set up in the days before May 1st. Some sources say that the Maibaum is a symbol for youth, life and fertility. Maybe, the pagan Germanic tribes had similar traditions, although this is not completely proofed.

In some regions in Bavaria and Austria, there are dances, parties and other traditions. There are some areas where it’s even a tradition for young men to steal the Maibaum of a neighboring village, and so prove their courage.

Are you from a region where there are traditions related to the Maibaum? Maybe you can explain some of them.

(This here is the typical setting up of a may pole in Bavaria :wink: )


I’ve been trying to think back on how I used to spend the 1st of May in South Africa. :thinking:
The only thing I can really remember doing was going to the beach, chilling out or having a picnic. This wasn’t specific to the 1st of May though. This is generally how South Africans spend their public holidays. :grin:


I came across this map from Katapult magazine about the different traditions across Germany for May 1st. Of course, it is exaggerating very much.

In case you have heard about Walpurgis night, as you can see, this is also a tradition in Germany! :broom:


That’s very sarcastic, but also very true :joy:

By the way, when is “Vatertag” celebrated? On this day, it’s even worse :thinking: