May, 9th - Europe Day

Like every May 9th, today is Europe Day :eu: :slightly_smiling_face: !

On this day, we celebrate not only Europe but also more widely cooperation between countries and people :world_map:.

For me, Europe has always been linked to a sense of freedom and community.

  • I can travel with my ID only and pay with the same currency while experiencing different languages and cultures

  • It always takes me a while to know I have crossed a border because we don’t see them physically.

  • Studying abroad was made super easy thanks to the EU

What about you ? Does Europe have a specific meaning to you, as European or even non-European :eu:?

Happy Europe Day everyone :grinning: !


Thank you for sharing @Leocadie :blush:
I honestly didn’t realize that “Europe Day” existed. :scream:

Living in Europe gives me the opportunity to not only experience different cultures, but it allows me a sense of freedom that I, unfortunately, don’t always experience in my home country.
Living in Europe also opens up many doors of opportunity when it comes to travel and shows me a different perspective of the world. After living in Europe for just over two years, I can safely say that I have learnt a lot! :grin: