Me importa un pepino

Some of you might remember a post we did on “Me importa un pepino”, but we have a lot of different ways to say that we don’t care!

Do you know any others?


Beautiful drawings! :heart_eyes:
I just remembered we also say: me importa un bledo. But have no idea what bledo is.


It’s a plant :rofl:, @Michi!

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Ey MIchi… it’s specically Amaranth…
It is of Greek origin and means “not marchitable”…

The word bledo is of Latin origin “blitum” and, this in turn from the Greek “bliton” which means “tasteless” since they considered this plant tasteless.



Wow Pumuki!
Thanks a lot for the explanation. I love how a word like “bledo” has so much meaning behind it.
I learnt so much! :heart_eyes:



Eyy… Thanks dear @Michi. I’m very happy to hear it.
There are many words in Spanish that can have various meanings depending on the context in which they are found or in the way they are said.

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help me
Were you having dinner When/While i called?
Is where or while?

Hey @danielfelipe.m.g, This is a question for the “English learners” category, as this is for Spanish learners. Can you please move it there?

But, to answer your question, it is “Were you having dinner when I called?” - as in ‘at the time I called’