Meaning of "ruhig"

As many words in German, the word “ruhig” can have some different meanings.

Generally, it means “calm, quiet”. But it can also have the meaning of “just” or “no worries”

Here are some examples:

  • Machen wir ruhig die nächste Übung. = Just let’s continue with the next exercise.

  • Iss ruhig, ich bringe nur etwas zu trinken. = Just start eating, I’ll bring something to drink.

  • Geh ruhig schon mal, ich komme sofort. = Just go, I’ll follow right now.

Do you know other sentences where we use “ruhig” in this way? Do you have a similar word in your language?


I also thought of the following examples: :slightly_smiling_face:

Mir kannst du es ruhig sagen.
Hier können wir ruhig offen sprechen.

I also speak Czech and in the Czech language we use the word klidně in the same way like ruhig. It can mean “calm/quiet” or “no worries”. :blush:


Thanks for the tip, @SKrausser!

And interesting to hear this comparison with Czech, too, @Kristyna. :slight_smile: