Media - Youtube videos - cut short

Dear team,

I have noticed that for some videos you can’t watch the whole thing it just stops after a point and it does not allow you to move forward. For example in this video, it stops after 1 minute but the whole video has a duration of 10 minutes. Of course you can watch it fully directly in youtube.

Is this by design? Are we supposed just to watch until the part it cuts off?



Hi @ifotopoulos :slight_smile:

The videos get cut in purpose in order to show just the relevant part that will contain the vocabulary and what is needed for you. It fits the objectives of the unit and also the level. Usually 10 video minutes are too long, but if they are needed they are divided, so it does not become too much for the student :happyllama:. I sometimes know the topics are quite interesting, but then one has the advantage to keep watching on YouTube :relaxed:.


This makes total sense, thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:


Pleasure @ifotopoulos :relaxed:.