Melanie from Germany

Hallo dear Chatterbug community,

My name is Melanie and I guess I am one of the older tutors. I’m now 50 ( born 1968 ) and I am part of Chatterbug since spring 2019.
I am a born German ( Wolfsburg/Niedersachsen = Hochdeutsch) and live in Berlin since 2001.
I truly enjoy tutoring and meeting people from all over the world. Due to a chronical illness ( MS ) I am on early retirement since I am 40 and use a wheelchair :wheelchair: to get around. No worries, I don’t harm pedestrians :grinning:
Being on Chatterbug reminds me my former job. I used to work as a technical assistance in research and had to communicate with students and scientists from all over the world.
I’m glad I got the opportunity again here on Chatterbug.
Furthermore my husband is American. Even though his german is fluent and he speaks without accent he still does mistakes with the german language. So I’m used to the mistakes at least English speakers do with the german language.

What else?..feel free to ask

All the best from Berlin or “Tschüssi” how they say here :sunglasses:


Thank you Melanie so much to help me to progress in germany.
I am so happy to know you.

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Thanks Isra :blush:, you’re very welcome. I also enjoy tutoring you a lot. Glad that I can help. You’re doing great :+1:
Bis nächstes Mal :wink::wave:…until next time :wave::blush: