Mélina from New Caledonia (France)

Hi guys,

I’m Mélina. I was born and I currently live in New Caledonia, a little French Island in the South Pacific.

I love to travel and had the opportunity to visit a lot of country (Australia, France, Thailand, Ivory Coast, Mexico, Singapore, New Zealand, Bali…). That’s where my passion for languages comes from.

I’m studing English and Spanish at the University of New Caledonia.

I can’t wait to meet new students and share my knowledge about french.

See you soon !


Bienvenue Mélina ! C’est super d’avoir une néo-calédonienne parmi nous ! :hugs: Peut-être pourras-tu faire un post sur les spécificités du français parlé en Nouvelle-Calédonie (des mots de vocabulaire particuliers par exemple !) ?! :nerd_face:


Bienvenida @melina_monnet :hugs: Nos alegra tenerte aquí.


Avec plaisir !
Il est vrai que nous avons beaucoup d’expressions en Nouvelle-Calédonie.
Rien qu’à titre d’exemple : aurevoir = tata, un pareo = un manou, comment ça va ? = il est bon ?..


I think you’ve got a pretty fascinating profile given that I haven’t come across many people from Nouvelle Caledonie. I’m happy for you that you’ve had the chance to visit a number of incredible places like the Ivory Coast, Mexico, New Zealand and Bali and I’m wondering where you’d like to visit next?


Thank you ! I wrote a little presentation of New Caledonia, I don’t know if you saw it.
I’d love to visit the United States because it’s been one of my dream for a long time, and also european countries such as Spain or Greece.