Mes Origines media section - too advanced?


I have started at the beginning of A2 and I’m comfortable with the text part of it. I tried to listening to the videos but I found them far too difficult to understand. Speakers talk too quickly and words are not enunciated clearly. The translation of the script is not accurate - I’m guessing auto generated?

I understand that listening versus reading is very different and much more difficult. I have been listening to some beginner/intermediate podcasts and having more success with those.

I’m just wondering if anyone else felt that the media section is mis-matched with the text portion of the lesson?


Hello @Gazumbo and welcome.

In any language, the natives speakers always speak quickly and it’s quite difficult to get them as a learner.

For advancing, try to watch the videos are translated to your native language firstly to start getting used to it and that will make you improving your hearing skills without efforts.
After that, you can watch the videos with French subtitles ( you right… the subtitles and the translations aren’t that good generally ) then you check the videos without subtitles sometimes.

I think the best way to improve your hearing skills is to watch news cuz the journalists speak clearly, properly and making sure to pronounce well.
You can also be continued watching the instructional streams cuz the creators are accompanying their content with subtitles.
I was watching the comedians(to keep motivation) who do the sketches in my native language and French ( I could get them by the context ) and that gots me to learn new expressions more than that I found easy to pronounce them… the comedians usually tell their real stories so common vocabularies and expressions.

For media, I recommend «linguistica app», there is a lot of the podcasts with their materials but you should try writing what you’re hearing before seeing the materials to keep advancing.

@Gazumbo, Do your best💪


Hi Meryembal,

Thank you for your suggestions. I wasn’t aware of the Linguistica app, so I will have a look at that. I have tried watching some news broadcast and you are right, I did find that easier. It’s just such a big jump from reading to listening. I guess I need to be more patient.


My pleasure @Gazumbo .

It’s a good jump👍, I guess. Just keep listening💪.


Hi @Gazumbo . Meryembal’s advice seems excellent to me. In the streams instructors are speaking in slowed paces, slowest for Starter and Beginner streams. The instructor named Luana enunciates particularly slowly and clearly and loudly.
You probably know this, but just in case or as a reminder: you can listen to French content on Youtube and slow the playback speed.


Thanks for your feedback on the media @Gazumbo!
I had a look at the unit and indeed some videos have a rather fast speech rate (especially this one because like many youtubers he speaks fast).
It’s sometimes hard to find the right mix between content well connected to the vocabulary of the unit and speed adapted to the language level. But as @JimDur said about the youtube videos, you also have the possibility to change the speed (here I clicked on 0.50x to slow down). You can also check the box to see the whole transcript (it can give you a more global idea of the meaning).

We make all the transcriptions ourselves, but for the translation, it’s unfortunately automatic and therefore not always accurate (especially for colloquial language!).
But you can always ask your questions here if you have any doubt!! :grinning: