Mijeanne from Germany, originally from South Africa

Hallihallo dear community!

I am Mijeanne (or Mimi for short) and I am originally from Cape Town. I moved to Hamburg in northern Germany when I was eight years old and have enjoyed life in Germany ever since.

I currently speak three languages fluently: Afrikaans (my mother tongue which sounds a lot like Dutch), English (I also have a degree in English Linguistics and Literature) and German. I would really like to learn French and an Asian language - I have not yet decided which one. I am currently undecided between Thai, Korean and Japanese.
I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to study abroad during my time as a student. I went to Wolverhampton, England for a semester and had the time of my life. My flatmates and I are close friends to this day and I am so happy that I was able to have this experience.

I love history and archaeology (which was also part of my degree) and am therefore very happy to call Germany, and Europe in a broader sense, my home. There is so much to discover right on your doorstep and I hope to inspire all learners of the German language to not just see the language as a tool but as a gateway to new adventures and discoveries.

Theatre and acting is another passion of mine and I have been on stage ever since I was three years old. I have played anything from an aging woman who had never really left her Woodstock-years behind, to a demon welcoming people to Hell, to the CEO of a dating agency who only has one woman and one man in her card index and gives it her all to make them fall in love.

I love reading and would like to have a library in the future. As a fan of literature I also write novels in my free time. Hopefully I will get to publish some of them soon. That would be a dream come true!

Although I have lived in Germany most of my life, I still feel very connected to South Africa. My entire family still lives there as only my parents, my brother and I moved countries. We try to visit as often as possible. As a result, I got used to travelling very early on and I continue to adore it as an adult. There is a long list of places I would like to visit in the future. The world is big with many people, cultures, and stories. I will probably not manage to go everywhere in my lifetime but I am determined to make the most out of the time that I have.

I wish everyone a lovely day!
Mimi :blush:


You are very welcome at Chatterbug @Mijeanne!
We hope you’ll enjoy tutoring!

What kind of novels do you write?


Hoe gaan dit met jou, @Mijeanne? (That’s the only phrase I know in Afrikaans :sweat_smile:)
Really cool bio, welcome to Chatterbug! :blush:


Welcome to the Community, @Mijeanne! What a great introduction. It sounds like you have many great stories to tell!

Which language do you write your fiction in? I would love to read some of your work!


Thank you very much!

I write very diversely because I read very diversely. I also have a bad habit of working on several manuscripts at the same time. At the moment I am writing a very long high fantasy story, a paranormal thriller, and a children’s book :joy:


Thank you so much! That’s a very helpful sentence! Dit gaan goed, dankie :smile:


Thank you very much for the warm welcome!

I started out writing in Afrikaans (at around 7), then I wrote in German (until about 13), then I had a weird phase where I wrote in German but the dialogue was in English (until around 14), and now I write mostly in English. What a journey :joy:


Welcome Mijeanne (what a beautiful name!), I am sure that you’ll have a great time here meeting students from all over the world! :hugs:


Welkom, Mimi. Ons is baie gelukkig to have you here :grin:. (My Afrikaans is not that good :sweat_smile:) How cool to be able to write in so many languages. I hope to see some of your work soon!

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Afrikaans is such a beautiful language. I learnt Dutch at school and handled texts in Afrikaans at university.
Everytime I need to think of Heintje Suid Afrika ek heb jou lief.
Such a beautiful song about a beautiful country.