Miriam from Northern Germany

Hello and Moin Moin :slight_smile:

My name is Miriam and I live near the Danish border. I was born and raised in Cuxhaven a little town near the seaside.

Impressions from my region
But there are family connections to other German speaking regions, too. My mother comes from Baden-Wuerttemberg near Offenburg/Freiburg in Southern Germany
and my cousin lives in Switzerland. My father- and sister-in law live in Hessen near Frankfurt. It’s great to enjoy the different ‘cultures’ and the meals from the different regions.

At the age of about 12-19 I learned English, French and Latin at school and we had the chance to talk to French native speakers. That was a great experience and it boosted my interest in learning languages.
Due to my occupation (teacher) I’m always interested in improving and learning my learning and teaching skills. During Lockdown it became clear that working from home or online in general is a great chance for new opportunites in this transforming world. I’m deeply impressed by the Chatterbug website and services. So I’ll definitely sign up for language courses myself. I think it’s essential to be a student of a certain kind if you want to teach. I personally like to improve my language fluency and learn new words or remember some other words. That’s a good chance, here, isn’t it?

See you soon :slight_smile:



Bienvenue @MiriamSH ! :imma_star:
I totally agree with you on that :

It’s always good to reverse the roles from time to time!
I am sure you’ll love it here :hugs:


Thank you Amandine :hugs:
Maybe we’ll also meet in a French lesson one day. We might start at the beginning, again, because I haven’t had French for ages. :clipperton_island:


Avec plaisir ! :catbee: I took a long break from learning Spanish but it’s coming back quickly, so I’m sure it will be the same for your French! :muscle: :muscle:

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That gives me confidence :dove: merci.

Hola, @MiriamSH :blush:. Your town looks amazing, what a view to have :star_struck:. We are glad to have you here and anything you need please don’t hesitate to ask. If you start learning Spanish :happyllama:, you can go through our Spanish section there you’ll find a lot of resources and cool topics. Have a nice day! :sun_with_face:

Hola Sandra,
thanks for your kind welcoming and tips :bouquet:
I’ll be glad to ask you for your advice. Have a nice sunny day . . .
Cheers, Miriam :sunflower:


Great to meet you Miriam, seems like we have more and more horsepeople on board! Wohoo!

Hi @MiriamSH,

nice to meet you :smiley:


Thanks, Melanie !!! Greetings to the capital :slight_smile: Nice to meet you, too :full_moon_with_face:

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That’s so kind of you :blush: Yes, horses are great . . . You’re a vet? Cool!!!

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yup I am a Vet, specialized in equine medicine. Great to meet you!

Thanks Miriam :pray: :smiley:

Hey Miriam, I’m so sorry our session got cut off early due to my WiFi completely cutting out in the storm. I have messaged the Chatterbug team and asked for your credit to be refunded.

In any case, I’m working to get the WiFi back up again. I’m terribly sorry.

Dear Trinity!
Thank you for your support :grinning:
I’m looking forward to our next appointment.
See you later

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