Mix it up and make learning more fun!

Hey guys,

what helped me a lot while learning a new language was experimenting with different approaches and tools.
I know learning the grammer and vocabulary is necessary to master a new language but can be boring sometimes.

That’s why I like to mix it up and try to make learning as fun and enjoyable as possible.

These are my suggestions:

  1. Go watch a movie or a series in your choosen language!
    This is a great listening exercise and in times of Netflix an co. you have easy acces to the subtitles too, so now you can read and hear your new language at the same time while enjoying a film :muscle::raised_hands:

To make the most of this method I recommend to watch the movie with the subtitles in the same language as the spoken language e.g. english production > english subtitles, german production > german subtitles.
I know the temptation to change the subtitles in your native language is high but I figured that you don’t have to understand every word to understand the context and storyline of the film.
It may be be a little unpleasant at first but you will be surprised how fast you will learn unconsciously! Also you can always watch the film a second and a third time :wink:

What to watch ?
(For german learners since I’m a german Tutor)

Dark on Netflix, it’s a great series and a german production.
Türkisch für Anfänger, not sure if available on netflix.

Filme: Die Welle, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, Lola rennt, Das Leben der Anderen, Good by Lenin,Cloud Atlas,Das Experiment,Die unendliche Geschichte > all are german classics and a musst see in my opinion!
If you want something on the lighter side try “Fack ju Göhte”, available on Netflix.

Really you can just google

and you will see there are many options :smiley::wink:

( Update: learning a language via Netflix is now easier than ever > http://languagelearningwithnetflix.com/
a big thank’s to Ingo Marlos for the recommendation! :kissing_heart: :v: )

  1. Read a book!
    And I don’t mean “Faust” by Goethe, go grab yourself a book you like to read !

You don’t know which one ?

Start wit your favorite book you already read and own in your naitive language, so you know the storyline and you are able to look up words if needed :wink:

I like to recommend Harry Potter, because the first one is fairly easy to read and not so long. Also the length and difficulty increase graduately from Book 1-3.

I think novels are a better pick than non-fiction because it’s more readable, but feel free to choose what ever suits you best.

  1. Listen to Musik!
    Rap works good for me since it’s mostly words not instrumentals.

Your’e a german learner ?

Try > Die Fantastischen 4, Fettes Brot, Samy Delux, Jan Delay, Seed, Peter Fox

Or gangster rap > Sido, Bushido, Mosh36, 187 Straßenbande, Motrip

  1. Go talk to someone in your choosen language!
    Fortunately you are able to talk to us tutors on chatterbug but really talk to anyone you can. Don’t be shy, most people are very happy to talk to you and even if your’e not fluent they will understand you and appreciate your effort!

I hope these tips help you and boost your learning :rocket:

And if you know any other tips to make learning more fun I would be happy to hear them!:blush::v::catbee:


Thanks for all of these language learning tips! I am a big listener of Rap and Hip Hop music so I look forward to listening to your German rap suggestions!

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I recommend “clueso”. Not precisely Rap but amazing relaxing german music. “Chicago” is my favorite song.

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