More diversity in our Chatterbug Instagram!

I’m sure most of you know our Instagram account but if you don’t go and check it out here. Spanish is a very diverse language and it’s full of expressions and idioms, so much that it’s impossible to know them all!

Why don’t we take advantage of the diversity we have in our Chatterbug Community and show it off on our Instagram profile? We have tutors and students from all over the world and I think that deserves to be shown off. I would like to encourage both Spanish tutors and Spanish learners to become part of our Instagram posts!

Let’s brainstorm ideas and maybe they will end up receiving thousands of likes!! I’m sure we can come up with expressions from different countries that are easy to illustrate and both funny and helpful for students.

  • Can you think of expressions that you often use in your country that could be helpful for Spanish learners?
  • What are the most typical expressions from your country?
  • Which type of expressions would you like to learn in Spanish?
  • What expression or phrases in Spanish changed your life when you learned them?
  • Are there any phrases or expressions that you have not stopped using since you learned them?

I love the expression “quilombo” from Argentina. And I think it’s origin is also very interesting.

I also love how every country addresses a “friend” differently. In Argentina it’s “Boludo/a”, in Spain “Tío/a”, in Mexico “Carnal” … there are so many!

Also, how do you make someone pay attention? “Oye”, “Che”, …? :ear:


There is an expression I use a lot. More than Colombian, it is a Caleño (from Cali) expression : “calmáte, ventarrón”. The literal translation is “calm down, strong wind”. We use it when a person is unsettled or upset… or too excited about something that is not worthy. :dash: :dash:

Also, referring to what @kjanina mentioned, we use "ve", “mirá”, "oís-oíste" a lot in Caleño Spanish.