My favorite YouTube channels for learning Spanish

In no particular order, here are my FAVORITE YouTubers who teach Spanish! These are best for beginner to intermediate learners.

Great variety of listening exercises, fun videos, grammar explanations, and vocabulary lessons. The journey of a wife teaching her husband Spanish.
Accent: Colombian

Español con Juan
Juan uses stories to teach, rather than using traditional grammar or vocab lessons. He speaks 100% Spanish in his videos (no English), but he speaks in a way that is easy to understand and grasp the concept. Funny and entertaining!
Accent: Spanish

Holly is an English speaker who speaks Spanish amazingly well. She teaches both English and Spanish and has some great videos for topics like “Spanish words that don’t exist in English”, for example. She is super articulate and uses great examples in her videos.
Accent: Mexican

Super Easy Spanish
Juan visits different cities all throughout Mexico and interviews people on the streets about random topics. All the content is 100% in Spanish, so it’s great for intermediate learners. This gives you a great immersive experience without leaving your home country. You get to hear how real people talk on the streets.
Accent: Mexican