My feedback after two weeks of use (German A1)

I’ve really enjoyed Streams so far!!

I totally agree with @marunyash’s comments especially about the filters (by author and length).
I’ve only watched one Stream live and all the others on replay because I don’t have the discipline (yet) to set aside a specific time in my day for a live video. But I think it’s amazing to be able to interact with the tutor! :raised_hands:
Length is a very important criterion when I choose a video, those longer than 12 minutes don’t appeal to me because it feels like it’s going to be (too) long.
I also noticed that I prefer more explicit titles like “die Wochentage” or “Beschreibe dein Haus” because I know what to expect. “Zwei Pinguine” leaves me more doubtful :sweat_smile: Maybe it would be a plus to have a tag on the video (in addition to the level tag) with “grammar”, “culture”, “vocabulary”,… (but I know it’s probably hard to do because a video often mixes several aspects).
Also, I had mentioned in a feedback that it would be cool if something happened when a video is finished, either that we were sent back to the home page, or that a mention appeared on the video with a message saying that we just finished a Stream (to have a small sense of achievement) :muscle:
The three tutors are great and they master the rhythm very well. :clap: :clap: Maybe they could even speak a little more German in A1 (and translate afterwards) to be a little more immersed in the language because sometimes I feel like I’m mostly working on my English (which is also a good point!)

But these are all small things, I find the experience very fun in general, well done!!


Hey Amandine,

Thanks for your thorough feedback report: that’s really great to read. You brought some interesting points up there - I’ll comment on a couple:

  • Agreed on the issue of titles. I think the direction we’ll go here is putting more specific and thorough information into the ‘description’ of streams, then make this more visible. Currently, you can only see it when you first enter a stream when it goes live. That’s not ideal.

  • Also a good point on the ending of streams. Actually, an ‘end card’ feature is just around the corner, so keep your eyes peeled for that :eyes:

  • Noted on Stream length. A few people have brought this up recently