My feedback after two weeks of use (German B2+)

For me Streams has been fun and interesting :blush:.

I agree with @Amandine about the tag that could be included on the videos. I think the titles are good but sometimes because of the title my expectations are different from the video and how it is developed. Sometimes I was expecting something about culture, and it ends up having more about grammar and vocabulary. That is not an issue I also have to learn that :grin:.

I love how interactive the videos have been as one can write, select and even react with emojis to the content and the questions during the video. I’ve been watching videos that haven been already streamed and still the interaction is there even though it is not live, so it doesn’t make a big difference for me.

In general, I think the three of the streamers are doing a great job :raised_hands: and it’s a different way to learn :happyllama:.


Thanks for the feedback, Sandra! Much appreciated.

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