My tip of the day: Review grammar every so often

I don’t know about you, but grammar often feels like an endless mountain :mountain_snow: that needs to be climbed. There are those small moments when the penny drops and I think that I have finally mastered the art of grammar, only to be attacked from behind with another brand new concept! :eyes:

Today I would like to share one of my strategies for getting to the top of the tedious mountain called “GRAMMAR”.

Chatterbug does not only allow students to work on grammar, vocabulary, writing and media in their current theme, but we also have the opportunity to go back, and review concepts that might’ve gotten a bit rusty. :llama:

This is where my trick comes into play. :partying_face: Every so often, I work my way through some of the previous levels I had completed (Elementary & Beginner). I make sure to work on grammar first and review the vocab specific to that theme. It amazes me how I sometimes forget the little things. A quick reminder of the basics allows me to not only improve, but gives me an opportunity (during live lessons) to ask questions if need be.

Wanting to review some ‘older’ grammar? Here are the steps:

This ‘review’ strategy has not only allowed me to slowly but surely improve my grammar, but also helps me to not fall behind. Even though it might be a bit more time consuming, I have reaped the rewards. :partying_face:

I hope this helps anyone having a bit of trouble remembering grammar rules! :grin:

Are there any other strategies that you use? I’m looking forward to hearing about them!


@Thanh_Tu :grin: I hope you find this helpful! Have a lovely weekend! :hibiscus:


Thanks for this recommendation!

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