New Design not available

Hi Team,

I know the new Chatterbug Design was supposed to be released this month (or early this month). My account still shows with the old Design, is this normal?


Hi Ileanal,

We are still working on rolling out the new UI to all of our existing users. I promise you will get to enjoy it soon!


Hi Megan,

That sounds awesome, thanks!

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Hi, Megan! Are there any chances that we will also get an update for the mobile app?

Hey @marunyash, as of right now we will be updating the mobile app, but we are working on another app based project that you may be interested in so stay tuned!

Is there something in particular that you are missing from the mobile app that you’d like to see?

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Thank you for the answer. Yes, there’s a feature that would be really nice to have.
In the web version there’s a page where you can see all grammar topics in one place:

I think it would be great to have something similar for an app too

Thanks @marunyash! I have passed along your feedback to our mobile team :slight_smile:

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