New places and adventures!

Hi everyone! :catbee:

I recently moved back to the US, after four years of living in Germany. This has sparked many thoughts in my head about moving, traveling, etc. :airplane:

In my particular case, I have moved to the beautiful city of Denver, Colorado. Although I lived in the South of Germany, where nature is so beautiful; I see the Rocky Mountains every day here in Denver. It is a blessing to see different parts of the world and to appreciate what brings us all together. :world_map:

I have not had to experience much culture shock since returning, but it is fun to observe stark differences and similarities in the places I have lived.

For example, here in Denver, thanks to the close proximity (nearness) to the mountains, most people enjoy hiking, skiing, climbing, and more. :mountain: This reminds me a lot of living in the South of Germany, where many people were also quite sport-oriented. People in Denver also love pubs, breweries, and such. Yet, they tend to be more open to strangers, and more interested in discussing different cultural or social topics.

Overall, I purposefully moved to a place that reminded me of Germany, in many ways, but it still lacks in Swabian food. I will have to sort that out! :plate_with_cutlery:

Please do comment and write about a time when you experience culture shock or moved somewhere new!

A picture I found to show Denver in all its beauty!